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The Nordic Road Association (NVF) was established in Stockholm on 19 June 1935. The founding members were Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden; the Faroe Islands became a member in 1975.

The NVF facilitates cooperation within the sector, with members from both the public and private sectors and a total of some 320 member organisations in the Nordic countries.

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Work in the NVF is organised in 4-year periods which culminate in a congress. Chairmanship of the NVF rotates among the member countries. 

Each member country has a national association that is affiliated with the NVF. 

The NVF is governed by the NVF Board, which consists of the chair, vice chair and secretary of the national associations. The chair of the Communication Group has observer status on the Board. 

The chair, vice chair and secretary in the country that has the chairmanship assume the roles of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of the NVF Board during the four-year period.

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