Forside Nyheder 🍄 How can infrastructure accommodate nature? 🍄

🍄 How can infrastructure accommodate nature? 🍄

At the Via Nordica 2024 Congress, we have several sessions dedicated to this exact question. Two of which is called Biodiversity – Vegetation Covered Road Verges Part 1 and Part 2. The sessions will revolve around green corridors along the roads and how we can connect isolated nature areas. The discussion will include how artificial intelligence (AI) can help fight invasive plant species, how to prevent wildlife-vehicle collisions and the mortality rate of bumblebee queens.

Although, the two sessions are connected in theme and focus, it’s not a problem if you can only attend one of the two sessions.

Johan RĂżdlov, Specialist and National Coordinator for Landscape at the Swedish Transport Administration, will be present to moderate both sessions.

Speaking at part 1, will be:
Vibeke Rahbek, Biologist at the Danish Road Directorate, Juliana Dániel Ferreira, Post.doc. at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the Swedish Biodiversity Centre.
Speaking at part 2, will be:
Nicholai Stålung, Vice President – AI Solutions and Business Unit Leader at Trifork, and Marita Böttcher from Bundesamt für Naturschutz.