Forside Nyheder 🚧 Future tunnels – keeping up with technology 🚧

🚧 Future tunnels – keeping up with technology 🚧

There seems to be a never-ending cycle of new technologies being developed within every field. This includes the tunnel-industry. The market keeps on delivering new cutting-edge technology, which can act as quite the double-edged sword. On one side the developments lead to constant improvement, but it also makes it harder to find stable technical solutions for the maintenance of tunnels.

At the Via Nordica 2024 Congress, there is a session dedicated to the future of tunnels and how to keep up with technological advancements. The session will use real life examples to showcase the constant dilemmas.

To moderate the session, we have Emelie Bjerkander, Safety Officer at the Danish Road Directorate and Mette Waldorff, Safety Officer at A/S Øresundsbroen.

Joining them on stage, will be:

Ulf Malmros, Specialist OT at the Swedish Transport Administration.

Oddvar Kaarmo, Head of Projects, Norwegian Administration of Public Roads

Ahmed Al-Samarray, Senior Engineer Geologist, Norwegian Administration of Public Roads

Peter Henningsen, Design Manager E&M Monitoring and Control Systems, Femern A/S.

For more information: Via Nordica 2024 – Day 1 – June 11

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Photo: COWI