Forside Nyheder đź‘‚ Listen carefully đź‘‚

đź‘‚ Listen carefully đź‘‚

Have you ever wondered how big of a difference a noise barrier makes?

One of the exciting tours you can experience at the Via Nordica 2024 Congress, is Auralisations of Road Noise and Highway Noise Abatement. You’ll get an opportunity to experience auralisations yourself and figure out exactly how much conditions like wind and noise barriers factor in.

Auralisations is an important tool, when demonstrating the noise impact of a new road construction project or the effect of noise reductions measures. The Danish Road Directorate use auralisations whenever presenting new projects for local authorities and the affected citizens in the area.

Listen to auralisations here ➡️ Auralisations: Sound samples of road noise (forcetechnology.com)

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